In March 2013 we held an auction at Lyon & Turnbull, Edinburgh. The artworks donated celebrated and reflected the diverse range of artists Collective has supported, commissioned, exhibited and befriended. Thank you to the all the auctioneers, artists and bidders in helping us raise £69,000.

Donating artists

Rachel Adams, Claire Barclay, Jordan Baseman, Anne Bevan, Otto Berchem, Jason E Bowman, Martin Boyce, Ruth Claxton, Neil Clements, Anne Marie Copestake, Craig Coulthard, Jeremy Deller, Jacqueline Donachie, Alex Dordoy, Katy Dove, Chris Evans, Ruth Ewan, Graham Fagen, Keith Farquar, Spencer Finch, Moyna Flannigan, Rose Frain, Alex Gross, Alex Frost, Jonathan Owen and Charlie Hammond, John Hegley, Iain Hetherington, Louise Hopkins, Callum Innes, Fiona Jardine, Jesse Jones, Lorna Macintyre, Jack Mcconville, Alan Michael, Andrew Miller, Robert Montgomery, Victoria Morton, Scott Myles, Shelly Nadashi, Jason Nelson, Katie Orton, Kate Owens, Catherine Payton, Mick Peter, Alex Pollard, Simon Periton, Dan Perjovschi, Beagles and Ramsay, Mary Redmond, Hans Schabus, David Sherry, Michael Stumpf, Stephen Sutcliffe, Suzanne Treister, Sarah Tripp, Michael White, Michael Wilkinson and Bedwyr Williams.

Auction bidders

Lauren Dyer Amazeen and John Maxwell Hobbs, Amanda Catto, Sir Sandy and Lady Crombie, Dr. Sally Cross, Alan Johnston, Robert and Geraldine McDowell, Katherine Mendelsohn, Alasdair Morton, Paul Robertson, Kirstie Skinner, Sheilagh Tennant and many more.


Thank you to all who have donated through our Buy-a-Brick donation scheme.

Transit House

  • Anthony and Claire Tait

Observatory Library

  • Patrick and Anna Edwardson

Astronomer Royal Plaque

  • Campbell Armour and Angus McLeod
  • Harry and Carol Nimmo

Plaster Column

  • For Paul Carter
  • Alex Hinton and Darrell Williams
  • Ed Watt and Sinead Reynolds

Sandstone Capital

  • Anne Bonnar
  • Dr Olimpia and Mr Daniel Curran
  • Mark O'Connor
  • Caroline and Robert Cook
  • Richard Price
  • Kirstie Skinner and Daniel Warren

Sandstone Brick

  • Colin Milne
  • Nick and Elaine Addington

Virtual Brick

  • J and J Armour
  • Stuart Bennett
  • Anne Bevan
  • Nicky Bird
  • James Brook
  • Jenny Brownrigg
  • Alistair Cairns
  • Dr. Sally Cross
  • Graham Domke
  • Maria Fusco
  • Emma Griffiths
  • Ken Hay
  • Chris Higgins
  • Peter Hildrew
  • M A Hooper
  • Leigh Hazzard-Burgess
  • Fiona Jardine
  • Dr. Craig Martin
  • Alan and Louise Nelson
  • Stephen Palmer
  • David Polfreman
  • John Powers
  • Ann Rhodes
  • Victoria Russell
  • Joyce Shearer
  • Fiona Sloane
  • Sarah Smith
  • Jill Snowdon
  • Diana Sykes
  • Peter Thierfeldt

Other Donations

  • Richard and Florence Ingleby
  • Zachs-Adam Family
  • And all those who wish to remain anonymous



  • William Grant Foundation
  • The Wolfson Foundation
  • Garfield Weston Foundation
  • Architectural Heritage Fund
  • The Craignish Trust